Hibiki 100 Anniversary Limited Edition Public Subscription Event is coming on 3 November 2023.

About Hibiki 100 Anniversary Limited Edition
The Hibiki® Harmony 100th Anniversary Edition is a culmination of its achievements: this limited edition whisky bottle design is highly artistic and embodies the brand philosophy of advocating for the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature. The bottle design retains the classic 24-faceted cut, with the number 24 symbolizing the traditional 24 solar terms in Japanese culture, while also alluding to the passage of time, as if cycling through 24 hours, timeless and unchanging.
In addition, the limited edition design features imagery of "snow," "moon," "flowers," and "bridges," echoing the beauty of the four seasons: water reflecting the moon, worry-free and carefree, the blossoming of wine and flowers, and the silent fall of snow. The "bridge" (Kakehashi) connects the past, present, and future, transcending geographical boundaries and spanning ancient and modern times, remaining ever fresh.