Jebsen Wine Estates

The Jebsen Group is a family owned enterprise established in 1895. Hans Michael Jebsen, the third generation of his family, brought his passion for wine to life when he oversaw the creation of the Baroncourt brand as part of the company’s centenary celebrations in 1995.
Jebsen anticipated the growth of wine as a choice of beverage and started to acquire brands. Today Jebsen Wine Estates owns or co-owns ten brands from around the world.
By owning a selection of approachable and affordable wine brands ourselves, we can guarantee supply to our customers and consumers, ensuring the quality, integrity and value of the wines we sell.
Our team of specialists are committed to producing a collection of individual wines from our wineries and brands from the great wine producing regions of the world. Every bottle reflects the true character of that region, representing the nation truthfully and with respect.