Brand of the Month - S.Pellegrino

Brand of the Month - S.Pellegrino

S.Pellegrino is a premium quality natural mineral water that was first discovered in the Italian Alps in the 13th century. Perfectly brilliant, it distinguishes itself in its fine bubbles and subtle mineral aromas. Its structure is a masterpiece of elegant gustative harmony where one is greeted by an intense yet pleasing sensation of fragrant freshness. It goes perfectly well with dishes that are rich in taste and spicy food. For its exclusive properties, it harmonizes well with red wines, rose wines with higher alcohol content, and full-bodied white wines with a strong structure. For all of this and more, S.Pellegrino is known to be the “Best companion on the dining table”.

S.Pellegrino Essenza Sparkling Mineral Water

 Essenza is specially crafted from S.Pellegrino sparkling mineral water and essential oils extracted from Mediterranean fruits. Fine and elegant with delicious fruit flavour enhanced by refined bubbles of S.Pellegrino that gives an exciting taste experience. 3 favours including Lemon & Lemon Zest, dark morello cherry & Pomegranate and Tangerine & wild strawberry available. 


Acqua Panna Still Natural Mineral Water

"Discovered in the 15th century, Acqua Panna comes from the hills of Tuscany. Its smooth and velvety taste matches the expectations of the most sophisticated gourmets. Brilliant and crystal-clear it leaves a sensation of lightness and softness. In the mouth, it is completely balanced, refreshing, tonic with a persisting softness and a total lack of bitter sensations. It is perfect with fresh dishes that have a slightly intense olfactory-gustative feature. Acqua Panna, for its unique properties, are best matched with white wines aged in barrels, fresh and fruity wines, rose wines that are light and young, and aromatic sweet Sparkling wines. As the International Sommeliers label it, Acqua Panna is truly “Water that belongs to the wine list”. " 


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