Brand of The Month - Shichiken

Brand of The Month - Shichiken

The use of water in sake making is a very important subject. Shichiken uses water from the Minami-Alps in Hakushu to brew elegant and complex sake. With five years of repeated failures and challenges, the 300-year-old brewery, Shichiken is one of the pioneers in using the “in-bottle second fermentation” for making sparkling sake, similar to how a Champagne is made.

With more time, labour work, techniques and passion, the magic happens discreetly within the bottle and the sake turns out to be a sparkling one with unique fine bubbles boasting fruity ginjo aroma and a plush mouthfeel. Your taste buds would be greeted by the notes of melon, peach, brioche and yeasty flavours. Lively. Fascinating and absolutely satiny.

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Shichiken Hoshi-no-kagayaki Sparkling Sake

The beautiful white bubbles rise like the sparkle of a shining star, allowing the spread of pleasant rich Ginjo Sake aroma given birth by the rice. Aromatic, semi-dry with flashes of apple, melon, peach and naturally carbonated.

Shichiken Yama-no-Kasumi Sparkling Sake

Slightly cloudy and off-dry with flashes of melon, peach, brioche, yeast and the distinctive umami flavours. Fine and refreshing palate.

"Moving forward with both wheels"

To explore Shichiken's sake brewing aiming for the taste one step ahead.


"Embodying Hakushu Water"

To discover Shichiken's sake brewing making the best use of local water and rice.




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