Indulge in Valentine’s Day with Rosé

Indulge in Valentine’s Day with Rosé

Rosé is romantic from ladies’ point of view, due to the attractive pink colour, it is a great idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a bottle of Rosé. Every lady is expecting a romantic Valentine’s Day, let’s get a bottle of pink Rosé on this special day to celebrate with your loved one.

This romantic pink wine maybe named differently in different countries, for instance, it is called Rosé in France, Rosado in Spain, and Rosato in Italy. The major Rosé producing countries are France, Spain, US and Italy, their production are more than 75% of the global figure. Provence in Southern France is famous for quality Rosé, they even make more Rosé than Red or White wines. Tavel in Rhône Valley is another renowned French wine region for Rosé, as well as Rioja in Spain, Mendoza in Argentina, Veneto in Italy and more.

Why the wine is Pink? There are many different ways to make it, one of the most common ways is "Saignée". Some winemakers want to make a more concentrated Red wine, they will take out the juice that bled off before crushing, which they can make an individual Rosé. Another common method is "Skin Contact". Just like making Red wine, but the skin contact time is shorter, and the juice extracts less color compounds from the grape skins, resulting a wine more pale in colour than a Red wine. Rosé can also be made simply by blending Red and White wine together, such as the unmistakable Rosé Champagne that appears in almost all Valentine's Day dinner tables, however, still wine cannot be made this way under EU law.

Sipping a glass of Rosé with your lover on Valentine’s Day, enjoy the beauty of the romantic color as well as the floral and fruity notes. A romantic wine for your special one! Happy Valentine’s Day!



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