Let's get Vodka party started

Let's get Vodka party started

Vodka is a clear distilled spirit made by mainly cereal grains, like wheat, rye, corn, or potato. Some modern brands make Vodka with fruit base or even plain sugar, though these products will have to state their ingredients in EU.


Regulations of Vodka might not be the same across countries, it is still one of the most popular spirits in the world. Some people might like to have it “neat” or “straight”, some with ice or mixers, but most of us love Vodka base cocktails! It is claimed that the Vodka started the cocktail revolution in the 90s, when it was used to substitute gin in drinks, e.g. martini.


As Christmas is coming, I guess many would have parties! Why not making some nice but easy Vodka cocktails to impress your guests?

1. Vodka Martini

Very easy cocktail, all you need is Vodka, dry vermouth and an olive as garnish, perhaps with a dash of bitter. It is clean and crispy. To make this cocktail, I would say using the fine and smooth samples would be best, so that it wouldn’t be too edgy. If you wish, you might add some fruit elements, e.g apple schnapps or apple liqueur to make it an Appletini!

2. Bloody Mary

I love tomato juice and that makes bloody mary one of my favourite cocktails! It is to mix Vodka with tomato juice and other flavorings like Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco, and herbs. I used to put a stick of celery in the highball glass as the stirrer of this lovely drinks, attempted to make it healthier XD.

3. Moscow Mule

Another simple cocktail which was said to be designed for Americans. Just add lime juice and ginger beer into a glass or copper mug with ice. Some might think ginger beer is too strong and prefer ginger ale. I prefer the copper mug, apart from the fact that it looks cool and posh, it keeps the drinks chilled for a longer time.

4. Cosmopolitan

Ladies love this drink, not just about the colour but the taste, not too sweet or too tart. It consists of Vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice (some prefers sweetened lime juice). Definitely makes me think of “Sex in the City”.


There are way more cocktails and recipes. Not to worry about the measures! As long as our guests and we love them, who cares about the standards?!



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