Summer Wine Guide On How to Chill

Summer Wine Guide On How to Chill

Text: Dakki Wong

With the rise in temperature and humidity, the warmer months are on their way. It’s the season to change not only our wardrobes but also the choice of wines.

A summer wine can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere even when you’re having fun under the sun. Imagine how a sip of brightly crisp and fresh chilled wine soothes and refreshes your soul. To pick a refreshing wine for summertime, look for bright acidity, and light- to medium-bodied wines. Fruitiness is another chilling factor as the wonderful aromas of citrus fruits, melons, peaches and berries are highly competent to take the boredom out of the lazy days of summer. So act fast and stock up your fridge now.

 1. Champagne

I guess there’s no objection if I’d say Champagne is the no.1 choice for summer. Simply by looking at a stream of rising bubbles in the flute glass, you’re instantly cooled down, not to mention how your body feels when gulping down a big sip of fine and creamy bubbles.

Champagne definitely brings a touch of luxury to a boat trip, especially the prestigious Bollinger PN VZ made of 100% Pinot Noir from Grand Cru villages, harmoniously blending fruity notes of mirabelle plum, apple tart and quince. In case it’s a party cruise, you’d better switch to the 3-litre Bollinger Special Cuvee Jeroboam.

Another criterion for picking Champagne for summer is the dryness which refers to a minimum level of sugar in the cuvée, delivering a crisp mouthfeel to drinkers. Try Ayala Brut Nature for what we describe here. Besides, Ayala Brut Majeur is something for you if you’re after elegant and complex fruitiness as it includes more than 70 crus from all of the Champagne region.

 2. Sparkling

Drinking sparklings is always a great way to chill out. As opposed to Champagne, Prosecco comes with more frothy and fizzy bubbles complemented with fabulous aromas of tropical fruits, making itself a crowd-pleaser in any summer home party, especially matching with the most favoured light snacks, say mild cheese, Japanese sashimi, smoked salmon, assorted nuts, prosciutto-wrapped melon and fresh oysters.

Chiaro Prosecco brings not only fruitiness but also some delightful scent of white flowers. Green apples and peaches also come to mind, cheering up every guest with the fairly low alcohol plus a tiny trace of sweetness. If you wish to take a step up in quality, try Foss Marai made of premium harvest from the higher graded plot DOCG Strada di Guia 109 Valdobbiadene. The top quality Foss Marai DOCG Superiore de Cartizze is also an ideal option.


For those fans of old world sparkling wines, the German Henkell Troken and the Spanish Faustino Brut Reserva Cava should probably fall into their shopping carts.

 3. Whites

How can one sustain a summertime without a bottle of whites? Feel the chill and delight yourself with the pale straw or golden yellow colour seen through the layer of condensed mist on a glass of chilled whites. Chardonnay is probably one of the best white wines for summer sipping. Racy acidity, light to medium body of flavours, delicate texture and a tapestry of fruity and floral notes. Nothing compares to a glass of Chardonnay for patio sipping on Sunday afternoon or for complementing your favourite vinyl record playing in the background of a sunset over the city.

The wine world’s chameleon, Chardonnay brings you a range of flavour profiles with changes in soil, climate and winemaking. To experience the enduring floral scent and refreshing mineral finish, Chanson Chablis and Chanson Mâcon-Villages are both must-try. To taste some bursting with complex and ripe tropical fruits, Frescobaldi from Italy, Rupert & Rothschild from South Africa, Robert Mondavi from California, Twinwoods from West Australia and the passion fruit-like Mannenberg Chenin Blanc from South Africa should all be added to your summer wine list. These medium-bodied Chardonnays stand up to any seafood dish. For those who stick to an expressive and vividly aromatic white, don’t miss E. Guigal Côtes du Rhône Blanc.


4. Rosé

No matter it’s the colour, the aroma and the flavour,  Rosé is perfect for summer sipping. Be fascinated by its charming pink hue, crisp berry and floral notes, and soft creaminess. One of the most celebrated regions producing Rosé is Côtes de Provence where the vines owned by Château de Berne have been planted since the Roman Times. Expect intense fruitiness from the grapes sun-drenched with more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year according to the château. Château de Berne Romance Rosé feels elegant and smooth on your palate and tastes like a summer fruit salad, while Château de Berne Inspiration Rosé in a deeper salmon tone evokes even more attractive richness. Traditionally enjoyed with roast chicken or Bouillabaisse by the local French people, Rosé actually satisfies any palate without food pairing, whenever it’s poolside or beachside sunbathing hours. Remember to enjoy Rosé while it’s beautifully fresh. Rosé of 2020 vintage is at its best time for enjoyment now. 


When it comes to serving your summer wines, lightly chill Champagne, sparkling and light-bodied whites to 5 to 7 degrees Celsius; and fully chill Rosé, medium or richer whites to 7 to 12 degrees Celsius. If you’re in a rush, follow some wine geeks to wrap the bottle in a wet towel and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes. Most importantly, don’t forget to take it out!


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