‘Wolfing’ down the nullness

‘Wolfing’ down the nullness

Text: Tang Siu Hau

In the past it seemed that we would only open a bottle of champagne when there was ground-breaking news, or we’ve achieved something huge that we needed to tell the world. But when we’re living through this unprecedented time, isn’t it just worth celebrating that we managed to get through the day in one piece?


Actually, I really envy those people who can take everything in their stride, and live in the moment, even in the face of massive life changes in this ever more complex world. Perhaps being able to crash out as soon as my head hits the pillow is some sort of a wisdom or blessing.


Having lived through this year, things that used to be sensible do not make sense anymore. We could travel wherever we wanted, where as now we can only scratch the itch by looking at old pictures; we might even start missing the frozen food on the plane! It is taking too long to wait for something good to happen, so I’ve adjusted my mindset about celebration - celebrate the meaninglessness. Stuck at home? Champagne. By myself? Champagne. Netflixing? More champagne. Now that the gathering ban is lifted to four, definitely champagne. At times when no news is good news, we no longer need a good reason to open a bottle.




‘Chugging down the whole bottle of champagne sounds totally like me’. And in a world like this, ‘I know I’m not the only one’



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