2. Offer

1. New Joiner Offer Restrictions

Hello (Name), thank you for your enquiry. New joiner offer is not applicable to fixed discount items, join member exclusive events and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions. You may shop https://www.jebsenwinesandspirits.com/zh/collections/general-product for eligible products. If you have any enquiries or need assistance, please contact our customer service officers at +852 3180 3424 during office hours. Thanks for your support!

2. How to enjoy the discount?

Hello (Name), thank you for your enquiry. Once you login your membership account, the items with an original price, then a slash showing a discounted price (most of them should reflect the exclusive offer). There is no more further discount for fixed price. Thanks for your support!

3. Buddy dollars How to get the Buddy dollars?

Hello (Name), thank you for your enquiry. Buddy Dollars is calculated in net purchases. You can earn $1 Buddy Dollar for every HK$100 net purchase and enjoy the buddy dollars on your next purchase with 1 Buddy Dollar = HKD $1. If you request a refund or return, the Buddy Dollars earned on the Goods will be deducted and the Buddy Dollars associated with the Goods purchased using Buddy Dollars will not be refunded. Thanks for your support!

4. Buddy dollars How to check the Buddy dollars?

Hello (Name), thank you for your enquiry. You can check your Buddy Dollars balance at any time by clicking on the "Buddy Dollars" button on the Jebsen Wines and Spirits web shop page. All accumulated Buddy Dollars are on our record. Thanks for your support!