Brand of the Month - Senkin

Brand of the Month - Senkin

Sake, in a way, symbolizes the exchange of traditional and modern cultures in Japan.  Although many breweries are using traditional method to brew sake, there are quite a few breweries adopt modern brewing method to appeal different sake lovers.

Senkin Brewery is one of the best representation of modern-style sake.  The elder brother Kazuki Usui, a former wine sommelier, has applied his wine knowledge to refine the sake style at Senkin. He believes that sake can express terrior like wine does.


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Modern Senkin Omachi Junmai Daiginjo

Strong nose, with strong flavor of Kyoho and pear, followed by medium acidity. It is a perfect sake. 


Senkin Issei Junmai Daiginjo  

Elegant nose with a strong structure of fruit and honey. This sake has a well-balanced sweetness and acidity.


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