Virgo - Longing to be understood. Seize the opportunity to improve interpersonal relationships

Virgo - Longing to be understood. Seize the opportunity to improve interpersonal relationships

Text: Dreamonita Cherry

Virgos are known to be neat freaks and highly critical. Whilst hardworking, meticulous, and sensitive are their synonyms, they can be cold, over practical, and nag a lot. They strive for perfection, but that only applies to those they care about. If they don’t care about you, they won’t even bother to look at you. Known for their high standards, Virgos may criticise you but they are harsh on themselves too. At work, they need to be in a leadership position and feel comfortable in their territory. Despite how much they long for freedom, they have to work to keep motivated, they can’t only ‘be there’, they have to feel ‘alive’ as their sense of existence depends on it. As they don’t want to be conventional, they take courses and keep up with the latest trends, out of fear of becoming irrelevant.


Virgos may face the challenge of job changes or demotion, or even be assigned to say “you’re fired!”. It is tough but don't take it too personally, learn to accept your negative emotions, being distant and cold will only make it worse.


This is a very uncertain year for Virgos. People find you attractive and there will be more romantic encounters. Don't just stay at home, make sure you keep up with a minimum number of activities. On the contrary, be careful with your pursuers, as it may cost you for them to treat you like royalty, especially if you are married, the loss may outweigh the gain.


Virgos engaged in the field of art and aesthetics are in luck. Don't miss out, as you may get the professional recognition you want. In order to improve your interpersonal relationships, try to relax and be less calculating, spend time cooking for your loved ones, as they can soothe your troubles and are the most likely to set your heart at peace.


Virgos are very strict with those they care about, including what they eat and drink. Deep down they like it that others know about their unusual preferences. Because they are perfectionists and love to tell a great story, instead of something overly popular, they opt for something niche but classy; red wine to go with cheese and Spanish tapas, or Japanese desserts would be their first choice.


Frescobaldi Leona from Italy, and the refined, sugar-free Ayala Brut Nature, are particularly appealing to Virgos. Kikusaki 28 Junmai Daiginjo uses Yamada Nishiki, ’the king of rice’, and smells like white grapes, apples, peaches, cheese and flowers. It is produced in limited quantities, and goes perfectly with refreshing dishes such as sashimi or cooked dishes with white fish.


Shichiken Mori-no-kanade Sparkling Sake uses clear, sweet water with rice from Hokuto city, and adopts the second fermentation method fermenting slowly over 5 years, providing a hint of a whisky aroma to this Japanese sparkling sake - an extraordinary choice for Virgos. Whilst DAN Yamahai Junmai Ginjo Bizen Omachi is a refreshing surprise, the uncommon Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin from Australia is also a stunning option. Schloss Johannisberg Gelblack Feinherb Riesling is excellent alternative when paired with cheese and Japanese desserts as well.



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